About us

Wecass is German African Climate Change Integration Technology Institute Berlin

Wecass, the German-African Climate Change Integration Technology Institute Berlin and its training centre.
Based on our research on how to support and protect Europe, African continent and the world in general, Wecass and its partners have developed the concept of educating and training European, and African citizens here in our Berlin training centre, with our tools and through our experts, in the practical application of climate change technologies.

This institution has been carefully conceived and set up in order to deliver high-quality education and praxis-oriented Europe, Africa and world-specific training.


WECASS stands for: We the Confederations of the African Continent Stand for quality Services.
The institute’s name expresses the Africa we are looking forward to in the 21st century.

Wecass and its partners are responsible for the education and practical training of European and Africans citizens in the following climate change technologies in our institution here in Berlin.

Climate Change Technologies

  1. Solar energy for electricity (PV).
  2. Solarthermics for warm water in hotels and hospitals.
  3. Wind energy for electricity.
  4. Computer server administration for data security and fast communication.
Education and training programmes in these technologies began long ago in Berlin, but the participants were mainly from Germany, South America, Eastern and Western Europe and from various Asian countries, including China. Africans have not been actively represented in the acquisition of this know thus Wecass seeks to bridge the gap between the German creators of these technologies and the African continent.

Engr. Forster. O. Edward (Managing Director/CEO)
 Dipl.-Ing. & Dipl. Wi. Ing. Gerd Dittmann
 Dipl. Silvio Sgroi (Business Economics Adviser)

In our institution we have a highly qualified team of lecturers for the respective seminars and trainers with expertise in the practical application of technology: our lecturers not only possess know-how in regard to climate change technologies, but are also world leaders in their fields. These high standards will help to narrow the gap between Europe, African continent and other parts of the world in these technologies.

This important move by Wecass and its partners is based on prior demonstrations of climate change adaptation and mitigation technologies on the African continent and other parts of the world. Wecass and its partners are well positioned to ensure that European, Africans and every person trained in our institution will have the practical knowledge to protect their country with, and to support Europe, Africans and the world intellectuals with regard to climate change technologies.

Wecass’ goal is to continue to strive, together with our main partners, to transfer these important technologies to Africa and other parts of the world. These adaptation and mitigation technologies will help European, Africans and in the world to protect the continents in this time of climate change uncertainty. It will also improve Africa’s attractiveness to foreign investors that will help to reduce poverty in the continent.

We need a well protected Africa and the World in this time of climate change disasters.