meeting with the Ambassador of guinea and the economical adviser


The meeting with the Ambassador of Guinea on 27th April 2010 provided further evidence that the African continent and its leaders are now moving in the right direction in their support and protection of African countries. In the photo are, from left: His Excellency the Ambassador of Guinea Mohamed Lamine Kaba; Wecass Director Mr.Forster Onyekachukwu Edward, and Economics Advisor to the Ambassador of Guinea Mrs.Diallo Fatoumata Diaraye Sow.
His Excellency Mohamed Lamine Kaba is an extremely hard working and focused ambassador who loves his country very much and continually works for its interests and those of the African continent. The Economics Adviser Mrs.Diallo Fatoumata Diaraye Sow is a very important individual for the Republic of Guinea: she is very hard working and always ready to respond quickly on issues that she feels will benefit the Republic of Guinea.