With these climate change technology programmes, administered in our Berlin institution, we aim to provide all continents and the world in general with skilled workers who will be capable of carrying out all the functional tasks mentioned below. These programmes will help Europeans, Africans, Asians and the Americans to protect their continent themselves, as well as improving their attractiveness to foreign investors that will help to reduce poverties in the continents.

The new semester will start on:

Our two main target groups.

First Group are the entry level group:

Which is open to Europeans, Africans, North and South Americans and Asians from  the non-technical and technical fields who need our training for job opportunities in renewable energy sectors or for energy purposes and to support climate change disasters protection.

Second Group are the Advance level group:

Which is for Europeans, Africans, North and South Americans and Asians who are studying or working in the branches of physics, computer science (informatics), and in the mechanical and electrical fields. Advanced level groups are more of private individuals, companies or government officials who are already in above mention fields, but require further knowledge or refresher courses.

  1. These climate change programmes are open to staff from the governments of European countries, all African countries and as well as to private individuals.
  2. The programmes are suitable for European, Africans and the world in general of all origins, as they concern the protection and the development of the continents through skilled workers in the technological fields detailed below.
       Group of Seminar.
      WECASS Institute Berlin has the capacity to offer you both large and small group of seminar in our institute.

The integration of new technology into established electrical facilities handover points.

Intensive Practical Training - We offer entry and advanced level training in the technology fields detailed below.

The Education and Training Centre Berlin:
WECASS- German African Climate Change Integration Technology Institute Berlin
Bundesallee 171-175, 10715  Berlin, Germany


  • 640 class hours of 45 minutes
  • 8 hours of lectures daily in 4 double hours of 90 minutes
  • Monday to Friday for the Period of 4 Months Intensive full Time Training Course.
  • The wind energy course has a longer duration.

      *  We also offer 12 Months Normal full Time Training Course including German language course.
      *  The 12 Months Course has 1,600 Lecturing hours.
  • The lectures will run from 8:30am to 3:30pm every day.

 WECASS Institute Berlin is certified as a recognised Training Institute in Germany in Renewable energy technologies and ITServer/Networkadministration.

Certificates will be awarded at the end of the courses:



Contents of the Training Course

Basis of Solar Technology                  

1. The Basis Energy Technologies   
  •    Structural Technology 
  •    Electro Technology
  •    Solarthermics
  • Parabolic Trough Power Plant(CSP)
  •    Photovoltaic Technology
  •   Mono/Polycrystalline
  •  Cadmium Telluride (CdTe)
  • Thin-Layer Photovoltaics
  • Public power supply linkage system
  • Battery-power system
  • Different Solar power mounting systems.
  • Professional Practice
  • Installation, Maintenance and Security Issues.

The Commercial Exploitation of Solar Energy Investments

Wind Energy Technology Professional

Basis of Wind Energy Technology

2. The Basis Wind Energy Technologies
  •   The Installation of:
      1. Electrical Parts.
      2. Mechanical Parts.
      3.Formation of wind energy system
      4.Physics part of windenergy
      5.Wind types analysis
      6.Wind effects near the ground level
      7.Constructions of windenergy system
      8.Wind park planning
      9.Windenergy transport systems
    10.Mounting and dismantling  windenergy system.
     11.Professional Practice
  • Installation, Maintenance and Security Issues.

Computer Server Technology Professional

Basis of Computer Server Technology

3. The Basis Computer Server Technologies
  • Main Server Hardware
  • Main Server Software
  • Windows/ Linux Network Connections
  • Server Domain Administration
  • Data Backup
  • Data Security, Data Permission and Fast Communication
  • Data Recovery in cases Server failover or Server crash
  • Computer Server Professional Practice
  • Server Installations, Maintenance, and Security Issues Surrounding Server Projects