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Africa Weather

Welcome to the Africa weather section. For your convenience, each of the countries that tours through has been assigned an accurate weather summary. The weather in Africa can largely be classified as tropical. Temperatures vary greatly throughout the continent and each country has unique climatic conditions. Travellers will encounter beautiful African sun, rainy conditions and snow. Read OverlandingAfrica's weather guide to find out more about each region.



Angola Weather

Angola is perched on a tropical plateau where temperatures average a pleasant 25 – 28°C in the interior and 20 – 24 along the coast. Coastal winter breezes keep the temperature down a bit. Seasons are dramatically split into wet and dry with rains falling fairly consistently between November and the end of April.

Seasons in Angola

Wet Season: November – April
Dry Season: May – October


Botswana Weather

The winters in Botswana are pleasant and the nights are cool. The temperatures during the days are in the 20's but during the hot, dry summers temperatures can reach highs in the 30's. Desert temperatures are always hotter than anywhere else and there is the occasional drizzle in the Kalahari.

Seasons in Botswana

Spring: September - October
Summer: November - March
Autumn: April - May
Winter: June - August


Burkina Faso Weather



Benin Weather


Cameroon Weather


Congo Weather


DRC Weather


Ethiopia Weather

Ethiopia has an ‘all year round’ temperature with Addis Ababa averaging 20°C. Although most mountain regions get the bulk of their rain between March and September, most days are still sunny. Northern highland area and eastern Ethiopia receive even more sun with major rains only falling in July and August.

Seasons in Ethiopia

Wet Season: May – September
Dry Season: October – April


Egypt Weather


Ghana Weather


Kenya Weather

Kenya has a definite rainy season that occurs from March to May. It is known as the long rains and it is common that travellers will see sunny morning weather and downpours later in the day. The rains are short and not problematic.

Seasons in Kenya

Spring: September - November
Summer: December - March
Autumn: April - June
Winter: July - August


Lesotho Weather


Libya Weather


Madagascar Weather

4 seasons in one day best describes weather on this island. Avoid January to March when heavy rains make many roads impassable and the cyclone risk is high. The regions in the south west and west can get very hot in summer and winter is a comfortable time to travel overall.
Seasons in Madagascar
Spring: September - October
Summer: November - March
Autumn: April - May
Winter: July - August


Malawi Weather

The higher altitude areas are generally hotter and the shores of Lake Malawi also boast high temperatures. During summer the average temperature is in the 20's. The rainy season lasts from October to April.

Seasons in Malawi

Spring: August - December
Summer: January - March
Autumn: April - May
Winter: June - July


Mali Weather


Mauritania Weather


Morocco Weather

It's hot and sunny for most of the year in Morocco with the central desert areas reaching extremely hot temperatures during summer. Coastal areas benefit from a cooler ocean breeze. Winters are generally mild and wet and a dusting of snow is not unusual in northern areas, with a lot of snow falling in the Atlas Mtns. Southern Morocco winters are drier but colder.

Seasons in Morocco

Spring: March – May
Summer: June – August
Autumn: September – November
Winter: December – February


Mozambique Weather

Mozambique has a hot, tropical climate and it is best to travel during the dry season as it is much cooler (April/May and October/November). Temperatures are in the 20's. Cooler weather is found inland during this time. The rainy season is hot and humid.

Seasons in Mozambique

Spring: October - November
Summer: December - March
Autumn: April - May
Winter: May - Septembe


Namibia Weather

Namibia is hot and sunny all year round but the temperatures and rainfall vary. The rainfall is not high in Namibia but there are areas of extreme heat (Etosha Park) which many travellers avoid during the summer period.

Seasons in Namibia

Spring: September - October
Summer: November - March
Autumn: April - May
Winter: June - Augustr


Nigeria Weather

Rwanda Weather

Rwanda boasts consistent temperatures throughout the year with a day time average of 24°C except in the mountains where the average is 13°. In the northeast and rainforest areas, the rain is more frequent and heavier.

Seasons in Rwanda

Long Dry: June – October
Short Rains: November – December
Short Dry: January – February


South Africa Weather

Summers in South Africa are hot with the northern regions being summer rainfall area's and have cold, dry winters. The southern areas have a winter rainfall season and the summers are hot and dry. Hills and mountains are often covered in snow during the winter season.

Seasons in South Africa

Spring: September - October
Summer: November - March
Autumn: April - May
Winter: June - August


Sudan Weather


Swaziland Weather

With a mild summer and winter, the climate in Swaziland is mostly pleasant all year. Rain is more frequent from October to May, but with plenty of sunshine, low humidity and temperatures around 25°C (77°F), these months are hardly a trial to endure. Winters can get quite cold at night but are relatively dry. Closer to Mozambique in the lowlands, conditions become more tropical.

Seasons in Swaziland

Spring: September – October
Summer: November – March
Autumn: April – May
Winter: June – August


Tanzania Weather

Tanzania has an interesting geography which contributes to its differing climatic conditions. The islands off of Tanzania have a hot, humid climate. Tanzania can be cool at night because of a high plateau. The north east enjoys temperate climates.

Seasons in Tanzania

Spring: June - November
Summer: December - February
Autumn: March - April
Winter: April - May


Togo Weather

Tunisia Weather

Uganda Weather

Uganda has tropical weather conditions which are moderated by the high altitudes. The hottest months are from December to February but it is still cooler at night. The wet seasons in the south of Uganda are from March till May and in northern Uganda from April to October.

Seasons in Uganda

Spring: November - December
Summer: December - February
Autumn: March - April
Winter: May - October


Zambia Weather

Zambia is one of the few African countries that has 3 distinct seasons. December to April is warm, wet and humid. May to August is cool and dry and September to November is hot and dry. The climate is moderated by the altitude.

Seasons in Zambia

Spring: September - November
Summer: December - April
Autumn: April - May
Winter: May - August


Zimbabwe Weather

The summers in Zimbabwe are hot with heavy rainfalls in the mountain regions and forest areas. Zimbabwean winters are renown for being dry and cool. There is little rainfall in the southern regions of Zimbabwe.

Seasons in Zimbabwe

Spring: September - October
Summer: November - April
Autumn: April - June
Winter: July - August